Dealership Opportunities

Precision Planting is looking for businesses that are the right fit to become a Precision Planting Dealership.

Precision Planting Is the Place Where Technology, Agronomy, and Equipment Intersect

Creating Practical Technology
We are a group of motivated people who are passionate about helping farmers be successful in utilizing technology.  We know that technology must provide not only ease of use, but also provide farmers with agronomic ROI.

Sell Through Education
Our approach to the marketplace is to educate the customer on how there is an opportunity for agronomic improvement on their farm. 

Get Your Boots Dirty
We work where the farmer works, we listen to understand their business, and we are closely tied to the local farming community.

Pushing Forward
Our technology is pushing the ag industry forward by helping farmers get the most out of their equipment.  This could be through equipment manufacturers using our products out of the factory or through a network of independent dealerships (this could be you!) that help farmers get the most out of their current equipment through retrofitting. 


Do You Have a Passion for Helping Farmers?

There are certain areas of the world that we are looking for new businesses to become Precision Planting Dealers.  If you have a passion for helping growers and exhibit the following characteristics, we should talk and see if a Precision Planting dealership makes sense.

  • Grower Focused, Grower Driven – Are you truly motivated to improve the condition of the farmer, not only company profits? 
  • Motivated – Do you exhibit extra effort in the things you do every day? 
  • Reputation – Does the agriculture community see you and your business as having integrity and being involved in the community?
  • Teacher – Do you educate, and have the patience to teach the unknown to people?
  • Agronomy Background – Do you understand agronomy or are you willing to gain the required agronomic knowledge to be successful?
  • Business Management Skills – Are you comfortable managing inventory, billing, finances, and hiring and retaining employees?
  • Technology and Mechanical Skills – Do you have basic mechanical skills when it comes to electrical systems, hydraulic systems, computer usage, and are familiar with technology?

The Business Opportunity

A Precision Planting dealership is a great opportunity for someone with an entrepreneurial mindset to help growers improve their lives and make a good living doing it.  As farming is a seasonal business, Precision Planting dealers have long days in-season supporting customers when it is "go time". The business is truly a year-round business with sales, installation, and service opportunities on planters, toolbars, combines, and air seeders, as well as agronomic and equipment evaluations.

Does This Sound Like You?

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