Precision Technology Institute

Precision Planting's real-farm environment

We're looking at farming practices all season and sharing our experiences.

200 acres of agronomy. One location.

Located in Illinois, The Precision Technology Institute consists of over 50 active test plots on over 200 acres. We are digging into the questions that matter to your farm.

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What we're learning this season

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  • Try it Out First

    See what it's like to experience the Precision Technology Institute.

  • Too Much Down Force

    What does it look like when there's too much down force compared to the right amount?

  • Seeing Big Differences

    We're seeing some big differences in this plot. 3 Gal 10-34-0 in center and 5 Gal 6-20-4 in wings applied with FurrowJet.

  • Planting with Film

    By applying film over the row we're able to increase soil temperature and heat units, decreasing the time it takes to get seed to emerge.

  • Precision Technology Institute

    Check out aerial footage of the Precision Technology Institute. Over 50 plots are currently being planted on over 200 acres.