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20|20 gives you unmatched ability to get planting right

20|20 allows you as the operator to see the environment that seeds are placed in, something that you had to stop the tractor and dig to see before: furrow moisture, soil temperature, and residue in the furrow.

Ensure each seed has the moisture it needs with 20|20 and SmartFirmer on your planter

You know that placing seeds into dry soil will cause delayed emergence, but usually don’t know if you are making that mistake until it is too late – when the plants are emerged late and you can’t fix it.

With 20|20 and SmartFirmer, you can eliminate the late emerged plants by seeing Furrow Moisture in the cab and making adjustments to the planter to get each seed into adequate moisture to germinate.

You get one chance each season.

Most popular 20|20 add-ons

These systems control your planter to get planting done right.  And for a limited time, save when you make your planter the best it can be.

Downtime while planting is costly, especially when you have a short planting window. Fixing issues that pop up on mechanical drive systems can mean you miss family activities and in some cases, get rained out.

vDrive eliminates the mechanical drive system on the planter, saving you downtime in the spring from a bearing going out or a chain having an issue. vDrive works with the vSet meter to provide you a picket fence stand, no matter the crop.


Brett has transformed his planter with Precision Planting control systems, and has gained satisfaction.

Determining what downforce setting to use is challenging, especially when you have some variability in the field, and when you have some wet spots to deal with. You know one setting for the whole field isn't right, but you have no other choice. DeltaForce adjusts your planter's downforce to changing field environments to ensure you are not creating compaction that stunts root growth, all while maintaining depth.

DeltaForce has been chosen on hundreds of thousands of rows across the globe to get every seed in the ideal environment.


Did weather delay your ability to get in the field, leaving you with a short planting window? A planter equipped with SpeedTube allows you to have peace of mind, knowing that you can maximize your time by doubling planting speed without sacrificing seed placement.

Cover more acres per hour at go time, with confidence that you've done it right.


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